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Guinness wards off draught with strong home sales pitch

A NEW 1.1m ad campaign for Guinness is taking a humorous look back at some of the brand's most memorable advertisements.

The new campaign for the can of Guinness Draught will launch on Irish screens at a time when consumers are increasingly shunning the pub and opting to drink at home. The new draught can was launched just over a year ago, and has boosted can sales by 24pc.

The major shift to the off-trade has been troubling for parent company Diageo, as most Guinness sales were pub-based.

This latest campaign links the brand's most successful ads with drinking in the home.

The first ad, dubbed "Barney", plays on the current "Quarrel" ad which depicts a young man swimming to New York to make an apology.

But in the latest version, which features the same soundtrack, the journey is less dramatic - from a store to an apartment in Ireland.

The second, "Waiting", reflects the famous "Anticipation" ad, which featured actor Joe McKinney dancing around as he waits for his pint to settle.

In the new ads, three friends are similarly anticipating their drink.

Guinness marketing manager Ruairi Twomey said the message was that the Guinness experience is the same whether it comes from a can, bottle or is poured by a barman. "The new campaign is a real departure for the brand with its self-deprecating approach and somewhat irreverent sense of humour," he added.

Irish Independent

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